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For me Malta Dog Training Services is a dream of a life time. Our four legged friends deserve nothing but the best. It's not enough just to feed and walk our dogs, they need much more, and through this venture I am trying to offer various services for all dog enthusiasts ranging from sport training, ring training, obedience training, behavior consultancy for dogs with behavioral issues and other services.


Having started training my personal dog some 15 years ago I always had a passion and love for dogs and training. What at first started as a small hobby soon turned out to be a great passion, I started studying about dogs, training techniques and dogs mind. Have founded the Maltese Rottweiler Club and The Malta Dog Training Services.

I furthered my studies with a Scottish institution and graduated as a dog Behaviour Consultant which offers me the possibility to help to rehabilitate problematic dogs. I also trained with a professional Belgian sport dog trainer and am offering various group training (PET scheme), personal training, sport training etc. Most important thing is to mention that all my methods are based of theory and practicals and with total respect towards our dogs based on solely positive methodologies. Amongst other things I am constantly being trained in order to assist and train dogs that are designated to guide the blind during their first year of training. 
I am striving to offer a professional fully qualified service/s to all canine friends. Please enjoy having a look around Malta Dog Training Services website, and if you need any assistance feel free to contact me, all information can be obtained from the Contact page.


My Portfolio:

2013 - Next February I will be getting specialised training on guide dogs and service dogs together with a UK trainer very intensive course coming up;
2012 - Qualified my dog in ZTP and BH with my instructor Guy Verschatse and also met all the trainer requirements of the Belgian Rottweiler Club, certification issued;
2012 - Currently reading for another Diploma in UK specialising on rehabilitating aggressive Dogs;
2012 - Due to my qualification I was appointed as a member of the International Society of Animal Professionals in UK (Membership Number 135);
2012 - Qualified Canine Nutrition Advisor in UK;
2010 - Months after I have finished my Diploma I was issued a certificate in Canine Behaviour Management by LANTRA in UK in order to practice as a Behaviour Consultant;
2010 - Finished my Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management in Scotland with Grade: Distinction (this qualification is also approved by the University of Malta Equivalency Board);
2008 - Invited over to Malta a Belgian professional in canine sport training and protection work after organising a seminar and dog show together I was personally trained by Guy Verschatse and training has been ongoing since then;
2008 - Approved as a professional member of the International Association Of Canine Professionals (of which also Ceaser Milan is a member);
2007 - Examined and approved by UK Kennel Club trainers Mr John McNeil and Heidi Lawrence to train all levels of Good Citizen Dog Scheme, recently I have stopped training this scheme and have designed my own training scheme (PET scheme) which
is a combination of the UK GCDS and the German BH where I focous on obedience and socialisation;
2006 - Started the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme (KCAI) as a canine trainer;
2005 - Joined the Guide dog Association here in Malta and since then I've been doing level one training of the puppies till they get to the age of 1yr;
2003 - Participated in a seminar about canine conformation and Movement.


Apart from my qualification and memberships I have been involved in training dogs for basic and advanced obedience since 1995, originally I started training with a local club with police dog trainers. From there I have started reading and approaching new training methodologies which led me to found a club of my own based on positive methods. In the meantime I have also founded the Maltese Rottweiler Club in 2005 and started training and practicing in advance obedience for sport and protection work. Since then I have trained over 100 dogs in basic obedience, in the past 2 years I have also qualified another 105 dogs in my PET scheme training Level T1, 30 of which continued to T2 level and another 6 are now doing their T3 with me. I have also organised various seminars about dog health, training etc.. Since I have qualified as a Dog Behaviour Consultant I have a track record and assisted over several dogs (for which I can account for individually)with problematic issues involving aggression, anxiety, stress and all sorts of problematic behaviours. 

Also in the past years I was involved in training and guiding puppy walkers with the Guide Dog Foundation here in Malta I was in charge of a total of 10 dogs so far, 6 of which are now in service, one was declined by the school and the other three are presently waiting to start training.

Malta Dog Training Services in the media:

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Meet My Team


 More info about John coming soon...




Our show ring training courses are run by Leeandra Mifsud Mizzi, an experienced handler both locally & abroad. Leeandra holds an interest for all aspects of conformation shows and is also involved with judging in the UK. Besides completing various judging assignment in the UK in several breeds, she also attended various seminars in the UK in relation to judging and passed the exams organised by The Kennel Club (UK).

Leeandra also holds a Diploma in Canine Studies by a UK college.




Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

I have worked with a lot of dogs and their owners over the years in both  training and behaviour modification & reabilitation, and here you can find some of the testimonials from several of my clients...

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