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My main two passions in life are films and dog training. Hence offering this service is combining my two passions together. Though I must state that my experience in the filming industry started with one of the greatest disappointment in my life. Back in 1998 whilst I was still a trainee myself I was asked to sit for an audition with my German Shepherd Schindler, as by that time there was going to be the shooting of the Film Gladiator here in Malta.

I did the audition and my dog just did great, the person responsible for the casting was impressed and immediately stated that the part was mine. My Schindler was going to be with Russle Crowe for the opening scene of Gladiator. It was a dream come true. I was thrilled. Needless to say that all good things and dreams come to an end. Unfortunately the scene was not shot in Malta due to some location difficulties thus obviously then the production had to choose another dog from the location the scene was shot (if I am not going wrong it was then transferred to UK). You cannot imagine my great disappointment. From there forward I kept on training dogs and studying about different methodologies and dog psychology.

Now I am offering this service..i.e. training dogs for films. In the meantime I have participated and organised numerous dog obedience exhibitions, organised seminars, participated in TV shows and also trained dogs for some films..

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