Raw meals for dogs

New exciting range of Raw Dog Food is now available from the shop. Natures Menu range of complete dinners are frozen easy to serve pieces of fresh meat, vegetables & sweet potato. They are a complete and balanced dog food and will provide your dog with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals they require for a healthy full life.

Raw is best as we mother natures knows. Natures Menu provide both single protein plain minces as ingrdients for a home-made raw diet and a range of complete, balanced ready-made raw meals for your dogs.

Raw foods haven’t been cooked or heated so all of the natural vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and enzymes are readily available to give your dog a completely natural diet just as their bodies are designed to digest and to benefit from. Our raw foods are very safe and have passed the same bacteria standards as the meat you eat.

A wide range of products is available, just visit the shop or contact us for details

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