Working Dog Temper Trial

Obedience training is a great tool to establish a beautiful bond between you and your dog. The PET scheme aims to have a well mannered and socialized dog, which in my opinion is a must for every owner.

The next step forward after the PET Scheme is the WDTT (Working Dog Temper Trial). The WDTT is the Maltese version of ZTP (breed test) and BH (temper test). After achieving ZTP and BH with my Balto, my trainer suggested that I should encourage more Maltese enthusiasts to title their dogs. It was a great suggestion but to actually title a dog one has to go abroad to test his dog or invite over a judge, which is quite costly. So following the idea, I realised that most courtiers have their working titles, why should not we as Maltese have our own.

In Germany and other countries, working dogs should have their ZTP and BH (or equivalent titles) if they are to breed and only dogs carrying these titles are used. Working dog clubs are much respected from other clubs and have utmost help from confirmation clubs, something which in Malta we lack, and hope that one day things change. These titles offer a degree of guarantee (though one must check the country of origin of the title and how the title was achieved and ideally a video of the dog working, as unfortunately there are many fakes around too), that the dog is mentally and physically fit.

All working dog owners should embark in the WDTT as this includes a combination of breed tests, temper test, obedience and protection abilities. Having a working dog is a great honour, we should respect the breed and preserve not only beauty but mainly health and temper. Once your dog is titled with WDTT you should insist with local clubs that these titles are listed in their pedigree, this would be a great honour for you and your dog and definitely a certification which is worth much.

As a final note, those who pass the WDTT, can then go and title their dog in ZTP and BH too, should they wish to go abroad for the test. The WDTT syllabus is based on the the ZTP and BH syllabi so training, techniques and marking scheme are all the same.

Please contact me for further details as the training for this scheme is unique and tailor made for each dog.

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