Pet Scheme

Pet Scheme

The aim of this scheme is to teach dog owners how to raise better pets that are good, trusted loyal companions. This seminar tries to bring forward all that is necessary for an average dog owner to have a happy cohabitation with his/her dog.

The PET Scheme consists of 2 parts – THEORETICAL and PRACTICAL


First theory session with Robert Spiteri covers major aspects of canine life - puppyhood, nutrition, establishing relationship with your dog, how dogs learn, types of training, addressing some behaviour issues etc etc. (3 hours lecture)

Secong theory session is lead by the veterinarian and covers basic physiology of the dog, vaccination info, first aid etc (3 hours lecture).

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Practical part of the seminar consists of 3 levels - Transcript 1 (T1), Transcript 2 (T1), and Transcript 3 (T1).

Each level in this scheme clearly shows the level of achievement of the dog. Whilst T1 and T2 mainly focus on socialisation and effective control of the dog, T3 is mainly designed for those that are really into obedience training as it is based on the German BH qualification. There shall be a number pre-established lessons for each level of training and at the end of each course the owner and his dog will be tested and if they pass a certificate is issued.

You can download syllabus for T1, T2 and T3 in PDF format below:

T1 Practicals | T2 Practicals | T3 Practicals

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Training sessions of the practical part of the seminar are done by myself and other approved trainers.

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