I have worked with a lot of dogs and their owners over the years in both training and behaviour modification & reabilitation, and here you can find some of the testimonials from several of my clients...

When you have someone like Robert, who is not only professionally trained, but also has a true passion for dogs, you get more than a trainer. You get someone who understands the dog, and the rapport between dog and master. The results speak for themselves. Totally recommended

Conrad Aquilina

I found Robert to be extremely professional and knowledgeable as well as helpful. I adopted a five week old puppy and although I have had dogs before they always came when they were adults. Robert is dedicated and more important knows how to listen. His advice was timely and imperative. Thank you Robert.

Raymond Fenech

We used Robert's services when we got our GSD puppy in 2008 and he was extremely helpful and helped us correct some behavioural issues with excellent results. He also advised on correct nutrition, exercise, obedience training and much more.

Ian Buhagiar

I have sought Robert's advice when I got a dog from SPCA. His advice was second to none and thanks to him our dog's behaviour improved a lot. Thanks. Maria Grech

Maria Grecj

I've recently used Malta dog training services, and Robert was of great help. The methods used to train dogs are very effective and more enjoyable both for the dog and his owner. Robert always helped me in my difficulties and questions, at any time.

Antoine j Hili

Robert is an excellent dog trainer, my dog has done a lot of improvment since we went for the dog training lesson. very satisfied with Robert's output !

Noel Bonnici

Robert is a highly skilled dog trainer. We have seen great results so far from attending his training sessions and would definitely recommend his services to others. His all round understanding of dog behaviour means he can help tackle any issue that may be particular to any dog.

Jonathan Fava

I've known Robert for quite some time, especially when we were both on the same radio station. I always knew Robert with a great passion for dogs, and recently I am alos attending his courses, which are really impressing. When we go out on social meetings, discussions always start and finish on dogs, and Robert always tells me what's next he is studying and researching on the 4 legged friends. Robert is a MUST in dog training, I have experienced this both on friendship and professional services with Robert.

Joseph Spiteri

We contacted and met Robert to help us train our Labrador dog and provide us with some insight and guidance. We have been very pleased with his insight and knowledge about dogs as well as his professional attitude. I can certainly recommend Robert to anybody who has trouble with a dog or wishing to make the first right steps when thinking about getting a dog.

Stefan Morrow

I have known Robert for quite a number of years now, he always showed a very high sense of professionalism and dedication both torwards the clients and also to their dogs. One of the most things that always impressed me most about his training is that he never considered all dogs to be alike but always based his training on each of the dog's temperament and character. With Robert's help and consistent guidance and training, our extremely shy labrador is now comfortable to be around other dogs and also strangers and thanks to the training offered we can take her along with us almost anywhere, knowing that she will be perfectly calm and obedient in every situation. I highly recommend Robert to anyone looking for professional dog training services. Well Done Robert.

Josianne Cutajar

I have a Sheba Inu, which are well known as being difficult dogs to train, as they are hound dogs, but with him Yuki did miracles. She learnt a lot, and in doing so she was very happy; it showed in the way she behaved with other dogs also. Robert is very professional at his job, and he's not after money at all. His tips are very helpful and it shows that he really has a passion for what he does.

Anabel Aquilina

Robert is a professional dog trainer that one has to put him as for his dog to train . He is very qualified and , know his job very well . I would recommend him to everyone i know.

Mario Fenech

I've known Robert Spiteri since 2008 and have always been impressed with the level of professionalism he has displayed in the field of dog training. He develops an excellent relationship with clients and with their dogs, and is always ready to listen and to provide solutions based on the clients' needs and their particular situations. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for dog training services.

Heather Cassar

I am very satisfied with Robert's services. He was always to the point when diagnosing the problem and his suggestions where always very helpful. He is very dedicated and has a true love for his work and helping dogs and owners. His training methods are very good as they are a positive approach to progression. I recommend him to anyone who has any questions, queries or needs any help with their dogs as they will definitely see a difference.

Alison Vella

Robert is a professional dog behaviour consultant and trainer!He is also an expert in dog health and nutrition.In two days, following his advice, my dogs' behaviours are already improving, making both my life and theirs easier.

Marica Micallef

Robert's professional work comes out mostly when his 'students' ask him questions about how to fix a particular behaviour, and the best thing about it is that most of the time, his suggestions work! I've seen a big improvement in my dog's behaviour from 1 session to another. I feel I'm learning a lot on how to understand my dog and other dogs.

Alison Saguna

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